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Student Spotlight: How She Went From First Draft to Landing Her Dream Agent with Jamie Varon

May 09, 2023 Savannah Gilbo Episode 91
Fiction Writing Made Easy
Student Spotlight: How She Went From First Draft to Landing Her Dream Agent with Jamie Varon
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Show Notes

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with Jamie Varon to talk through her incredibly inspiring story of how she went from writing the first draft of her novel to landing her dream agent. Here’s a preview of what’s included:

[04:15] A quick introduction to Jamie Varon (including a timeline of her writing, editing, and publishing journey) as well as a summary of her novel, Main Character Energy
[17:45] Jamie describes what it’s like working with her agent—including what it’s like receiving feedback and collaborating with her on changes to the manuscript
[30:00] Jamie talks about what it was like to hear some really tough feedback from her literary agent—and how this feedback led Jamie to seek representation elsewhere. Spoiler alert: she ended up landing her dream agent shortly after!
[59:30] What it’s like working with a screenwriter to turn her memoir/self-help book, Radically Content, into a movie (plus, our final thoughts on writing)

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