Fiction Writing Made Easy

#80: Student Spotlight: 5 Lessons Learned From Writing a First Draft

January 10, 2023 Episode 80
Fiction Writing Made Easy
#80: Student Spotlight: 5 Lessons Learned From Writing a First Draft
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Show Notes

In today’s episode, I asked five of my Notes to Novel students to share their biggest lessons learned while working through their first drafts. Here’s a preview of what’s included: 

[02:00] Kelsey Evans on how understanding her genre’s framework made the biggest difference in her ability to finally finish her first draft
[06:35] Stefanie Medrek and her favorite advice for battling writer’s block
[11:00] Angela Haas on the popular writing advice to “show, don’t tell” 
[16:00] Bree Cox on how she used her outline to test out ideas before writing
[20:30] Kara Kentley on the importance of having a writing community
[28:20] Casey Drillette on how she embraced the outlining process (as a pantser!)

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