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#79: 3 Things to Focus on if You’re a Brand New Writer

January 03, 2023 Savannah Gilbo Episode 79
Fiction Writing Made Easy
#79: 3 Things to Focus on if You’re a Brand New Writer
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Show Notes

In today’s episode, I’m going to share the three things to focus on if you’re a brand new writer—or if I was coaching someone who was brand new to writing. Here’s a preview of what’s included: 

[02:17] Getting your mindset right is super important! Don’t expect to write the perfect first draft. Instead, consider your first draft the “discovery draft” and have fun with it!

[04:50] Figure out your story’s content genre so that you have a roadmap to follow. Your content genre can tell you all kinds of things, from the types of characters you’ll need, some of the key scenes readers expect to see, and more.

[07:25] Learn how to write a solid scene. If you can write a scene that works, you can definitely write a story that works! Practice on your own work-in-progress scenes AND break down the structure of scenes in published novels, too.

[09:55] Final thoughts and episode recap

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