Fiction Writing Made Easy

#71: Student Spotlight: How She Wrote a Novel in 6 Months (and Landed an Agent 10 Months Later) with Stefanie Medrek

November 08, 2022 Savannah Gilbo Episode 71
Fiction Writing Made Easy
#71: Student Spotlight: How She Wrote a Novel in 6 Months (and Landed an Agent 10 Months Later) with Stefanie Medrek
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Show Notes

In today's episode, I’m sitting down with Stefanie Medrek to talk through her incredibly inspiring story of how she went from having an idea for a story to landing an agent. Here’s a preview of what’s included: 

[05:00] The exact moment Stefanie had the idea for her story—and how she just knew it wouldn’t let her go until she put pen to paper

[08:00] A quick description of Stefanie’s story

[09:35] Stefanie’s initial reaction to my advice to throw out all 40,000 of the words she had written, and what happened when she did

[12:00] A few of the key takeaways Stefanie learned from re-writing her first draft

[15:00] What the editing process was like (and how long it took)

[17:35] How and when Stefanie knew she was ready to start querying

[19:00] Stefanie’s reaction to getting a heart on her #PitMad pitch (IYKYK)

[22:30] The moment Stefanie almost gave up on writing… and then got a call from her (now) agent an hour later

[25:00] How having a fleshed out outline helped Stefanie avoid spiraling into overwhelm

[27:00] What happened when Stefanie got the offer of representation

[28:00] What it was like to get feedback (and suggested changes) from her agent

[30:00] A quick look into what writing book two looks like

[34:00] Stefanie’s thoughts on 1:1 coaching vs. the Notes to Novel course

[38:00] Final words of wisdom and advice from Stefanie

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