Fiction Writing Made Easy

Counting Down the Best Tips from FWME in 2021

December 21, 2021 Episode 53
Fiction Writing Made Easy
Counting Down the Best Tips from FWME in 2021
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm doing my own little countdown of some of the best and most listened to clips from the Fiction Writing Made Easy podcast episodes in 2021. Here's a preview of what you'll hear in the episode:

[00:00] Tip #10: The more clear you are about your goals, the better chance of success you’ll have when it comes to accomplishing them. 
[00:00] Tip #9: Knowing your story’s ideal reader can help you write, edit, publish, and market your book. 
[00:00] Tip #8: Your point of view character needs to have a goal in each and every scene in your novel.
[00:00] Tip #7: Your point of view character needs to face a tough choice in every single scene.
[00:00] Tip #6: The theme of your story doesn’t have to be original!
[00:00] Tip #5: Focusing on writing solid scenes (vs. chapters) will allow you to finish your draft in the most efficient way (and become a better writer).
[00:00] Tip #4:  If you’re stuck between multiple story ideas, ask yourself which one will help you become a better writer and start there.
[00:00] Tip #3: You need to understand your character’s backstory to give them meaningful conflict to face in the story present.
[00:00] Tip #2: Understanding the ins and outs of your genre is the fastest way to write a story that works.
[00:00] Tip #1: Focus on crafting a compelling story before you focus on writing beautiful words and sentences.

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