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Save the Cat! The Ending Beats

September 07, 2021 Episode 50
Fiction Writing Made Easy
Save the Cat! The Ending Beats
Show Notes

In today's episode, I'm going to walk you through the beats that make up the end of a story, or the final section of Blake Snyder's Save the Cat! (STC!) beat sheet so that you can efficiently outline (or write) your novel. Here's a preview of what's included:

[01:45] A recap of the last three episodes (episodes #47, #48, and #49)/
[03:15] The average novel is about 80k words, and this section (the end) is about 20k of them. If you write 1,500-word scenes, you're looking at about 14 scenes here.
[03:40] Some of the beats are single scene beats while others are multi-scene beats. I will tell you which is which!
[04:20] Beat #14 is the five part finale! And this beat is all about resolving all the problems that were raised in act one and act two. It's also about showing how much your protagonist has changed since page one.
[05:45] Five Part Finale Part 1: Gathering the Team.
[07:00] Five Part Finale Part 2: Executing the Plan.
[08:35] Five Part Finale Part 3: High Tower Surprise.
[10:15] Five Part Finale Part 4: Dig Deep Down.
[12:15] Five Part Finale Part 5: Execution of the New Plan.
[15:00] Beat #15 is the final image. And this is a single scene beat that shows how much your protagonist has changed since the opening image.
[18:25] Key points and episode recap.

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